Our Journey to a Half Marathon: Day Two

Day 2/150

Hi, Hope’s Blog! Surprise!  This is not Hope… its actually Kristine. Hope told you our story yesterday.  I was given an incredible gift when we met and became friends over three years ago… (Hope, isn’t that crazy!).

It just got better when she decided to go to a school only an hour away from my house, even if it was… West Point. She continuously inspires and motivates me by everything she does. So naturally, who better to run a half marathon with!

Hope and I after the end of my Freshman and her Plebe Year

Today, I woke up to a text and a few pictures from Hope.  “4 Miles with a workout in the middle and core and push-ups at the end.”  She was off to a running start!  (Pun intended).   See our gorgeous (and sweaty) post run selfies below!

It’s been a few months since I’ve been running consistently, so a long run today was a little bit of a challenge. But just got to start!  So I hopped on the Metro (our bus system here in Christchurch, New Zealand), and went on a run through Hagley Park and the Christchurch Botanical Gardens (on the right below, with Hope’s park on the left)!  It turned into an absolutely gorgeous 4 miles!  It was probably a lot cooler too at 55 degrees than Hope’s Ft. Cambell weather.

I did start thinking that what we ran today is only around 1/3 of a half marathon!

Good thing we have 149 days to go!


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