Our Journey to a Half Marathon: Day One

Day 1/150

Yes… I (Hope) go to West Point and am an aspiring Army officer and Kristine does ROTC at the University of Rochester (even though she is studying abroad in New Zealand this semester… so jealous!) and is an aspiring Navy officer.

As a lot of you already know, there is much rivalry between Army and Navy, especially in December when we play each other in football. However, that does not stop Kristine and I from being best friends since we met the summer before our senior years of high school when we and our great friend Hannah were all roommates at the Naval Academy Summer Seminar (funny how none of us ended up choosing to attend…).

Roomies & Besties
Hannah, Kristine, and I all as roommates at the Naval Academy Summer Seminar in 2015.


Anyways… the serious business!

Kristine and I have decided that we are going to run a half marathon together on New Years Eve this year! This is one way for us to not only improve our running abilities, but to also continue to grow our friendship while Kristine is in New Zealand.

Today was our first “run day” that we tracked using the Nike Run Club app. Kristine ran 1.5 miles, which I saw when I woke up here in the Central Time Zone, and I ran 2.0 miles.  Just a start!

Day 1
My thoughts after a very humid run this morning in Tennessee.

We are going to get on the same running program (probably Nike again to start because why not?), and keep you all updated on how our journey is going! Need encouragement to start running or want to train with us? Let us know and we would love to have you join us on this journey.

Only 150 days until we crush this half marathon together!


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