Dear 2022 Moms…

Dear 2022 moms,

Hello! My name is Hope, your children will know me as “SGT”, and that is okay. You know that I am human and I recognize your children as the same.

I know you are scared to lose your babies, I know my mom was. However, you and I both know that your kids are following the Lord’s will for their lives. That doesn’t make it less scary though. Lean on each other, moms, and pray. There is not much that you can do for your New Cadets (NCs) for the next six weeks besides pray for them and encourage them.

Moms, there are some things you need to know going into R-Day and beyond…

  1. We (cadet cadre) do not want your New Cadet to fail (quite the opposite actually). We all remember being a NC, I promise. We have been preparing for months to be leaders in this detail. We are choosing to be HERE with your kids, every single one of us chose this detail because of the legacy that our cadre left with us. We are going to give that to the class of 2022, too. I promise. We have specifically spent the last two weeks validating and planning the training your DS or DD will be going through. We have taken it seriously because that is what they all deserve: the best. The best training, the best leaders, and the best experience so that they can be us in two years.
  2. There will be bad days, and that is good. There will be long, challenging, and stressful days, that is just a fact. Yes, it will be hard. Yes, the first phone call might be filled with complaints and fears and frustrations. Yes, they may fail at something. But guess what… I did all of those things two years ago, too. During my CBT I failed my land navigation the first time I tried and it took me four hours to qualify on my rifle. There were hard runs and hard rucks. I had long days and I cried. BUT, I had a motivating and squared away squad leader first detail and an inspiring and energetic platoon sergeant second detail. Those are the people I remember and aspire to be when I consider who I want to be as a leader. At the end of it all, I succeeded in every task. They did not give up on me or any of my peers. We will not give up on your sons and daughters. They will fail, but someday they will help someone else because of it. Be happy for your child’s failures, for their empathy will go a long way in a few years.
  3. Your son or daughter will change. Your DD/DS will become more independent and grow stronger. They will not need you in the same way as they have in the past. We expect them to carry a heavy burden here, sometimes quite literally, and that makes us grow up fast. Even though they will not need you in the same way, remember they do still need you. They need you to encourage them without being overbearing. Don’t ask them about things you read on the mom’s page… if it is important or relevant they will bring it up. Don’t create more stress for your DD or DS and stop worrying about the little things, we will not leave them behind or let them go when they are in need. Love them and ask how you can help, but don’t try to solve their problems. Sometimes you just need to listen and agree that something sucks.


Always remember, God is in control and will be with your DD and DS every step of the way. Lean on James 1:2-4, Romans 8:28, Jeremiah 29:11, and Psalm 3:1-10.  Your New Cadet will be amazing and you can celebrate with them in 6 weeks.

God bless.


Very Respectfully,

c/SGT Hack


P.S. When you start to get worried, pull out a pic from before R-Day (like this one of me). Remember why your DD or DS is here and remember how excited they are about this journey. And never forget how much they love you, even when they don’t have the time to say it. Love you, Mom!


4 thoughts on “Dear 2022 Moms…

  1. 2018 Old Grad! Mom says well done and great advice. I wrote at least a little bit every day-it was more therapy for me then anything else but my DS kept each and every letter and told me how it meant so much to him. I usually included one uplifting or encouraging quote. Welcome to the Class of 2022 and their families!


  2. Thank you for the assurance, Hope (you sure live up to your name :-)). Take care of you, too. Wishing I could meet you so I could give you a hug!


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